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Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi Xbmc Extreme Media Center

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KodiKutters created a video showing how to make Kodi look like Netflix. This post expands on that video and gives more detail for new users.

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How to Make XBMC Easier to Use (Especially for Non-Geeks)

So you've created a kickass, play-anything media center with XBMC, but it's a too hard for your less tech-savvy friends and family members to use. Here are a few ways to make your home theater PC so easy that your four year old could use it.

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In this complete tutorial, I will reveal Raspberry Pi Kodi (XBMC) performance tests and improvement tips that you cannot find in any other guide.

Raspberry Pi 3 RetroPie Retro Emulation Game Console 32GB and Kodi Fully Loaded

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