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How to flavor Kombucha

Homemade Kombucha - Soda lovers your healthy alternative is here! Do you know how to flavor Kombucha? It’s super easy to turn your homemade Kombucha into a refreshing carbonated drink and the flavor options are endless!

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Help! My SCOBY Is UGLY and Other Common Issues

Help My Scoby is UGLY! and other common issues....the many faces of kombucha scobies and how to know what they mean....~Cultured Food Life

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Tips for kombucha

All you need to know about how to figure out if your Kombucha SCOBY is healthy and normal or has mold and is tainted. The most detailed guide on the topic you'll find! Mold is only likely to form in the following situations: Your Kombucha is sitting near garbage, moldy food, or plants — mold spores can migrate over into your Kombucha You did not use Kombucha Starter There is extreme humidity It’s very cold Kombucha brew exposed to cigarette smoke

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Berry Kombucha Overnight Oats

Berry Kombucha Overnight Oats. A healthy breakfast that delivers fruit, fiber, and probiotics all in one jar!

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Easy Kombucha Lemonade

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Kombucha Coconut Oil Face Cream Recipe

Got this recipe from a couple people on Facebook. I combined them and wanted to save it to try. Size of batch depends on size of your scoby. I would recommend a size of one that would fit in a quart jar mouth.

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How to make Kombucha Soda (second ferment)

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The Master Cleanse Fast

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How to Make Strawberry Kombucha

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Probiotic-Rich Fermented Cinnamon Apples

These taste like apple pie but they are so healthy! This is the perfect recipe for those who are interested in fermented foods because the recipe is so simple and the flavor is great.

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Grapefruit Kombucha

This grapefruit-flavored kombucha is reminiscent of a grapefruit-flavored soda. Like all flavored kombucha, this beverage is made through a second fermentation. Be sure to use freshly brewed kombuc…

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