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Korean Reunification: A Nation Divided [OC] View More @ #Best Infographics Free Infographics Infographic infographics Korean Reunification: A Nation Divided [OC] ryoushi19 #infographic #infographics #pintrestinfographics #pintrest #pintrestpins

Korean reunification - The Arch of Reunification in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang-Korean reunification refers to the potential future reunification of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (commonly known as North Korea), the Republic of Korea (commonly known as South Korea), and the Korean Demilitarized Zone under a single government. The process towards this was started by the June 15th North–South Joint Declaration in June 2000, where the two countries agreed to work towards…

South Korean Reunification Ministry Approves South Korean Civic Group Visit to North Korea | Koogle TV

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Korean Reunification: The View From the North

Reunification, for Koreans, has a mythic quality, like the Promised Land or the Holy Grail. Most Koreans dream of reunification, of a time in the future ...

The #Korean #reunification. A dream in the pipe or a feasible future? More on this on my next post on

Arch_of_Reunification is a sculptural arch located in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. It was constructed in 2001 to commemorate Korean reunification proposals put forward by Kim Il-sung.


I made Korean peninsula (Korean reunification, North & South Korea, & heart of Seoul) sugar cookies for the office of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chicago and the Korean Education Center.

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South Korea US envoy Lippert 'well' after knife attack

The US ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, is slashed on his face and hand in Seoul by a man demanding Korean reunification.