A simple Korean recipe and made with succulent seafood and spring onions, this Korean Seafood Pancake with Spring Onions is a great speedy supper. Read More

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There are several savory Korean pancakes that many people like to order at Korean restaurants, and perhaps this "seafood green onion pancake" has to be the most popular one. We call it Hamul-pajeon (해물파전).

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Crispy Seafood Pancake (해물 파전 - haemul pajeon) - No better way to eat a whole bunch of scallion

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Shrimp and Green Onion Pancakes Haemul pa jeon—savory pancakes that are crispy outside and soft and tender inside—are a popular side dish. They're best served warm, then dipped in a sauce of soy, lemon, and sesame.

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Savory Korean Shrimp Pancake - Crispy on the outside & lightly chewy on the inside. So delicious it's great for any meals or snack.

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