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This year, give the gift of building made easy with the Kreg Jig® K5 Master System.


Jig K5 Pocket-Hole System

You Need to Know the 7 Bs of Building Bookcases

Kreg Tool Tip: Working with Different Board Thicknesses | When joining boards of two different thicknesses edge-to-edge or end-to-edge, set your Kreg Jig® according to the thickness of the thinner board. The picture shows a ½"-thick board and ¾"-thick board that were joined with pocket holes. As you can see, the Kreg Jig® was set for ½"-thick material, the thinner board. We've also included a helpful chart that shows which Kreg Jig® setting and screw length to use based on material…


Kreg Jig® K5 Master System - The Most-Advanced Kreg Jig® Yet, Plus Premium Kreg Accessories

The Kreg Jig® K5 incorporates the best features of every Kreg Jig® that came before with upgrades you’ve never seen. All-new clamping mechanism that you can adjust without tools or adjusting nuts to match your workpiece thickness. Large support wings to hold your workpiece steady with storage compartments inside. Dust-collection port, spring-loaded stop for the Drill Guide Block,...$139.99

Pottery Barn Knockoff Coffee Table

The @ShanTil sisters using their Kreg Jig K5 to build a Pottery Barn Inspired Coffee Table.