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About Welcome to We have been providing the on-line community with items and information about Krishna consciousness since 1996. At our mission is to provide you with everything you need to practice Krishna consciousness at home at the best possible prices. This is a humble attempt to serve the devotees and we hope that we can provide you with all the Krishna conscious items you need.

Supplies Needed: 3 Dollar store silver plates 2 Glass candle holders Pink & Gray spray paint Superglue These adorable cupcake stands were handmade by BernyRamos for her pink and gray themed baby shower! She went to the dollar store and found cheap plates and candle holders which worked great! She spray painted the plates first with …

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EASY DIY baby shower decorating ideas. Things you can make from the Dollar Store for your baby shower that are cheap centerpieces girl or boy.

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Buy art prints of this amazing Krishna painting/photogaph on Tallenge Store. Available as posters, digital prints, canvas prints, canvas wraps and more. Best Prices. Free shipping. Cash on Delivery.

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Prototype No.1. A pizzeria, coffee shop, restaurant, and a book store all in one. #branding #identity #design:

Prototype No.1. A pizzeria, coffee shop, restaurant, and a book store all in one. #branding #identity #design:

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PARVATI SHAKTI: Shiva's feminine aspect - Shakti is the electrical energy in our body, which gives us life. Her power is stored at the base of the spine. When we awake spiritually, her force moves up the spine opening the heart with love, the throat with joy and creativity, the forehead with wisdom, the crown with pure light. These are the Chakras, or Yogic centers of meditation in the subtle body. Shiva carries a trident, representing Sat, Chit, Ananda: Truth, Awareness, and Bliss.

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