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Non-fiction posters: Clear and concise posters for quick revision on Non-Fiction genres. Also included are some basic information on writing introductions and conclusions.


I love this for independent, group, or guided reading. Students can ask themselves or others questions during the reading to help further the comprehension. Different level questions could be used for differentiation as well.


Macbeth Visual Art Journals for Text-to-Text ConnectionsThe Bespoke ELA Classroom


This product is for ANY CONTENT AREA and contains an end of semester reflection guide for students to reflect back on what they've learned and the new skills they've acquired during the first semester of your class. It contains 20 questions that guide students through reviewing their work from the first semester and setting goals for the new semester. This is a great tool to use before/after the holiday break between semesters, and it will help students take ownership of their learning.