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Kudos To You Meaning

DAY ONE! Welcome to your first step in this journey. I want to warn you that a lot of this may feel awkward at first but you will catch on quick. “Don’t overthink” is your mission this month. Just go with the process. The more you trust me, the more you will get out of this thing. I also want to let you know that this is a “secret” group. That means that whatever you post, stays in here. The ones that post the most get the most results, hands down. And know that we are all here to support…

When you have been through hell and back, then u can judge people. You don't know what other people hav been through or what they're story is so don't assume. We all hav our battles to fight, Billie joe turned his into one of the most popular songs ever written... Kudos to you billie you inspire the rest of us.

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Red Jasper Stone

Red Jasper gives you the courage to speak out and have personal independence. It inspires a positive attitude, giving you the motivation to chase your dreams. #jasper #crystals #healing

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Employee Encouragement

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35 Foods High in Vitamin D to Keep You Healthy & Young

Your guide to healthy eating and food cravings. Pinned for Pink Pad -

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The Meaning of Mala Beads + How to Use them for Mantra Meditation

The Meaning of Malas More than just beautiful adornment, malas are powerful and symbolic tools for meditation.

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24 Beautiful Tattoos Inspired By Mental Illness

24 Beautiful Tattoos Inspired By Mental Illness.. Reading the meaning behind these tattoos will bring tears to your eyes. Such strong people❤️


Yikes! What the hell is this I see? I mean seriously, this has got to be Sonam Kapoor's worst photo ever! <div><br><div>Sonam Kapoor was clicked unaware at the airport. She wore a brown coloured long dress with nerdy glasses which made this fashionista's look even worse. </div><div><br></div><div>Kudos to the power of good lighting and make up. Those two things really transform a celebrity's face. What do you think?</div></div>

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How to eat organic on a budget

Homestead Survivalist: Natural Food Against Non-Organic Food - How to Discover?

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Abalone Shell

∆ Abalone... holds the energy of the ocean, bringing strong healing and soothing energy. Carrying it with you allows you to remain connected to the ocean's energy, even when you are on land.