Luka would have a painting of a Shaolin warrior in his house because he learned and trained at the Shaolin temple. He learned a lot of things like,"...lesson number one in acupuncture. One little poke there and a dead man would sing." (page 151)

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Take a photograph in black and white. Glue it onto bristol board. Have students rip and cut newspaper pieces and place the correct values in the right areas for a collage.

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Singapore Chinese Martial Arts Lessons, Chinese Kung Fu. 1. Bow 2. Crossbow 3. Spear 4. Sabre 5. Sword 6. Shield 7. Lance 8. Axe 9. Polearm 10. Great Spear 11. Crescent Halberd 12. Pike Halberd 13. Sword Breaker 14. Mace 15. Claw 16. Hook 17. Fork 18. Cudgel 19. Staff 20. Meteor Hammer

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