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What is Labor Day

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{5 Ways} White Jeans After Labor Day (Hi Sugarplum!)

Just because today is October 1st, well past Labor Day, it doesn't mean we have to pack away our beloved...

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Welcome to Labor Day Weekend! The Labor Day celebration exploits the backyard barbeque, much like the Fourth of July, with patriotic decorations dominating the scene. Since its inception in the 1880s it celebrates a means of honoring workers for all their efforts. In that spirit, the backyard barbeque is often laden with hammocks, comfortable lounge chairs, lawn blankets and even lots of huge pillows!

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US tobacco child labour criticised in report

If it weren't for the democratic socialism of the labor movement, we'd still be enduring these evils. About now what we need to fear is a return to those days, since TPP and big money seeks to bring the downgrading of our way of life, a dismantling of years of hard earned labor law, social nets, and more, that many have paid a high price for, including death. Don't let it happen. Stand with Bernie. Democratic socialism means We The People.

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Kids need to know Labor Day is so much more than another day off school

Ideas and activities to teach kids that Labor Day is more than another day off…

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