Hahahaha, I remember saying telling the nurses, "They Have A Birth Plan" and someone would always say, "Get the OR Ready".......Too funny!!! This is so true!

As contractions worse, so does the urge to push. Most doctors and nurses will tell moms to "STOP PUSHING!" But, how does a mom do that? One simple tip!

The Stages of Labor Chart: First and second, transitional, and early, active, and pushing phases #OBNursing #LaborAndDelivery #Obstetrics

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Being a Labor and Delivery Nurse: Can't wait to be a friend, a supporter, and a coach to all the mommy's.

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Uterine relaxants - nursing mnemonics. See more: http://www.nursebuff.com/nursing-mnemonics-obstetrics-and-newborn-care/

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