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In 1960, the Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne was opened by the Victorian premier Henry Bolte (1908–90), and became the largest shopping centre in Australia.


Open air wash house, Melbourne. This woman is standing at a copper washing clothes. This photo is in the F. Oswald Barnett Collection, taken in the 1930s. Many of them were used to illustrate a government report on slum housing and/or made into lantern slides for lectures in a public campaign.


The original Eight Hour Day monument (funded by public subscription) was unveiled in 1903 at its original site, the south side of Parliament House on Spring Street, before being relocated in 1923 to the corner of Victoria and Russell Streets outside Melbourne Trades Hall


Three women spinning wool to knit socks for soldiers during World War I - Tenterfield, NSW, ca. 1915 / photographer unknown by State Library of New South Wales collection, via Flickr

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Australia's First Woman Prime Minister Sworn In

Australia's First Woman Prime Minister Sworn In Labour Party . She was sworn in on June 24, 2010, becoming the first woman prime minister of Australia.


This was the reality for the thousands of convicts that would make their way to Australia. As slavery was outlawed, the U.K. needed a new source of free labor and found that using criminals was a great way to obtain free labor, lower the crime rate in the motherland, and hopefully keep convicts out of trouble.