Searching high and low, I come across this awesome delicious milk booster. Source: Look delicious right? I decided to give it a try. My own recipe as follows: 4 tablespoon of rolled oat 3 t…

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Lactation Cookie Dough Bites. Who doesn't love eating cookie dough? Well, these little delights not only taste AHmazing, but they also help breastfeeding Mama's to produce more milk! I keep them in the freezer for times of low supply. #cookiedough #lactationcookie

Lactation granola recipe. Packed with galactagogue ingredients to boost milk supply. Oats, brewer's yeast, flaxseed are all foods to increase milk supply in breastfeeding / lactating moms. This is also great if you use a breast pump to help you keep up your milk supply. The lactation granola is a great breakfast or snack.

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Power pumping, food choices, and a special cup of tea were just a few changes I made to DRASTICALLY increase my breast milk production in order to re-stock my freezer!

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LACTATION INSTANT OATMEAL - 1/2c Minute Oats, 1Tbsp Flax, 1 tsp Nutritional Yeast, 1/2tsp Cinnamon, 1 Tbsp Walnuts, 1/2tsp Brown Sugar (opt). Add boiling water + stir. Top with 1/3c Berries. 215 Cal, 4g Fat (no trans fat!), 40g Carbs, 19% Iron - great source of Vitamin B and Omega-3s, too! (Don't have the numbers for those)

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