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Lacto fermentation

How to Make Lacto-fermented Blueberry Soda

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Ginger Bug

Ginger ale doesn't have to be an unhealthy beverage. Not when your make your own and lacto-ferment it so that it's full of probiotics!

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Lacto-Fermented Garlic Dill Pickles

Growing up, my mom’s homemade dill pickles were always kind of famous. And dill pickles were kind of a big deal for Old Colony Mennonites growing up in Canada. They’re a key element in faspa, the meal you serve your guests on late Sunday afternoons (a spread of homemade buns and condiment

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How to Make Fermented Ketchup

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Homemade Hot Sauce Recipe

Capture the taste of summer with this homemade lacto-fermented hot sauce recipe - it's better than anything you will taste in the store! | Homestead Honey

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(1) On me demande souvent la recette et des explications sur la lacto-fermentation. C’est une méthode très ancienne pour conserver les légumes. Ils sont plongés, crus, dans de l’eau salée, et se conservent ainsi des mois, voire des années. Le grand avantage,...

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