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#13: "You and I" - Lady Gaga - It's the best song that Shania Twain never made. And you gotta give props to Lady G for keeping it grammatically correct.

Lady Gaga - Speechless (Live At The VEVO Launch Event) - oh my god, i actually used to love this. totally forgot about it


▶ Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (feat. Elton John) (Live at "Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular") - YouTube


TONY BENNETT & LADY GAGA - THE LADY IS A TRAMMP (2011). OMG! Lady Gaga has got a beautiful voice and personality indeed! You can see this for yourself in this duo with the great Tony Bennett.


Lady GaGa Confessions Lady GaGa Confessions of a Monster e.g - Madonna Album Cover fanmade Image Credit: Tumblr Keywords: lady, gaga 2 fans 2,364 views Submitted by GarageGlamour 1 year ago  join fanpop now! add to my updates 1 comment vertika said: i love lady gaga! posted 1 year ago.   Add Your Comment Sign In or join Fanpop to add your comment popular content Lady Gaga Wallpaper Lady GaGa WITHOUT HER WIG! Lady GaGa WITHOUT HER WIG…


Born This Way - Lady Gaga duet with Maria Aragon LIVE Toronto This is precious. The real Gaga singing it with a child. Watch it!


"The Lady is a Tramp" performances of TONY BENNETT + LADY GAGA Thumbs UP for the duo hahaha ("") ("") my Utube "Gayle Tomita Phee" lol ;)*