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Draw a ladybug in 10 easy steps and learn fun facts about its life. © 2013 Marty Nystrom
from Marty Nystrom

Draw and Learn: LADYBUG

Draw a ladybug in 10 easy steps and learn fun facts about its life. © 2013 Marty Nystrom

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Ladybug Facts Summer Reading Activity Packet Bundle

Ladybug Facts Activity Packet: This colorful activity packet explores one of the most beloved insects on Earth, the Ladybug or Ladybird Beetle. Contents include: * 4 Reading Selections & Quizzes - Overview of the Ladybug, Dispelling the Ladybug Myths, Th


Would make for a fun addition game; each ladybug has a different number of spots (ie. 4 on one wing and 2 on the other). Open the wings to find what 4 + 2 equals. For when L. gets older...


Ladybirds are found all over the world. There are 22-spotted yellow ladybirds and striped ladybirds. There are also lots of things to be excited about when looking at the life-cycle of ladybirds. And many students love to think about the different stages. In this booklet students are also asked to observe animals with the goal of getting inspiration for new ideas. Hopefully, these activities will make the learning fun and engaging. This package contains: 1. Cards 2. Can you identify the…

Ladybird Maths uses the symmetrical image of a lady bird and her spots to teach and build mental mathematics number facts of doubling and halving. The importance of recalling doubling and halving facts relates to the speed, accuracy and ease these number facts bring to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Ladybird Maths Teaching Module can be used anyway you wish. An important concept before using the App is to discuss symmetry in nature. 5MB