Lake Sturgeon Art Block Lake House Art Gift for Men by johnwgolden

New to johnwgolden on Etsy: Lake Sturgeon Art Block- Lake House Art- Gift for Men- Lake Sturgeon Print- Fishing Presents For Fishermen- Gifts for a Fisherman- Dad Gifts (24.50 USD)

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Original print from 1884 Drawn by: H. L. Todd From: "The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States" prepared by George Brown Goode Publisher: Government Printing Office in Washington Condi

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Great Lakes Sturgeon..If Muskies grow large, the real colossus of our fish is the sturgeon, “the King of Fish.” A six-foot long record-breaker here weighed two hundred and thirty-five pounds —but the largest sturgeon recorded on the Great lakes, seven-and-a-half feet long, weighed about three times that: three-hundred-and-ten pounds. -

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Lake Sturgeon are an endangered species and if they are caught, they must be released. They can exceed 6 feet and 100 pounds and have been known to live 150 years. They are found in large lakes and rivers, especially in Lake Erie

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