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My mother’s cheese and onion pie

Cheese n Onion pie. 60g/2oz butter, cut into small pieces. 60g/2oz lard, cut into small pieces. 200g/7oz self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting. pinch salt. For the filling. 25g/1oz butter. 3 onions, roughly sliced. salt and freshly ground white pepper. 250g/9oz Lancashire cheese, (1/2 Feta & 1/2 strong cheddar substitute) coarsely grated. milk, for sealing and glazing.

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Lancashire Cheese-and-Onion Pie


Cheshire: Cheshire cheese is dense and semi-hard, and is defined by its moist, crumbly texture and mild, salty taste. The Cheshire family of cheeses is a distinct group that includes other crumbly cheeses from the North of England such as Wensleydale and Crumbly Lancashire. Cheshire cheese comes in three varieties: red, white and blue. The original plain white version accounts for the majority of production.

from NYT Cooking

Lancashire Cheese-and-Onion Pie

This recipe is by Mark Bittman. Lancashire Cheese and Onion Pie. No reviews.


Chorley Cakes are very similar to other regional cakes such as Eccles Cakes, Banbury Cakes and Hot Cross Buns (in as much as they were a sweet pastry combined with dried fruit) and traditionally were baked for religious festivals. Chorley cakes are flattened, currant-filled cakes made with unsweetened shortcrust pastry and associated with the town of Chorley in Lancashire. Significantly less sweet than Eccles cake, and commonly eaten with butter and a slice of Lancashire cheese.


Rachael Ray's Freezer-to-Oven Macaroni and Cheese. I added mustard and broccoli, and it was very good. It makes a lot, so next time I'm going to put it in two casserole dishes to have two meals.


Inspired by the traditional dishes and produce available in Yorkshire and Lancashire are these two different savoury bakes: Vegetarian Lancashire 'Hotpot' Individual Pie in a hotwatercrust pastry and mini Wensleydale Cheese Tarts with Caramalised Onions

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‘Butter pie’ with apples & cheese

This hearty potato pie hails from Lancashire and is a little like a giant cheese pasty. Our version contains apples and thyme

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Eccles Cakes

Eccles Cakes. Made these for my dad for fathers day and they turned out great! I used 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice instead of the ones suggested, did not use raisins or brandy, bought 2 peppperidge farm puff pastry sheets instead of making it from scratch, and baked them for 15 minutes at 425 rather than for 20 at 375. I made a lot of changes but they were so much easier to make this way!