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Princess Mafalda and Philipp, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, grandson of German Emperor Frederick III, on their wedding day, 23 September 1925

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Fragment einer Netzhaube Inventarnummer: Gew2980 Datierung: 13. Jahrhundert Material/Technik: Seide, Filet, Stickerei, Brettchenweberei Sammlung: Textilien und Schmuck

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Augsburg Prunkuhr. c. 1690 Remarkable clock decorated with Silver filigree made for Landgrave Charles of Hesse-Kassel - compare detail with that on Pfaff Clock in the Green Room, Dresden - Museum Hessen Kassel

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The Most Beautiful Castle in the world

[Löwenburg Castle] Translated as “Lion’s Castle” is unique among all the castles in Germany in that it was conceived as a romantic medieval castle ruin. The design of Löwenburg Castle was based on a fantasy of Landgrave Wilhelm IX, but experts regard it a very important historical monument, because it was the first Neo-Gothic structure in the country.

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Buckingham Palace

The Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom (1770-1840). She was a daughter of King George III and his wife, The Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. She was The Hereditary Princess of Hesse-Homburg (1818-1820), and Sovereign Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg (1820-1829) as the wife of Sovereign Landgrave Friedrich VI. She had no children. [portrait by Thomas Gainsborough, 1782]

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Queen, House of Arpad (in Celje feathers). Perhaps Anne, Duchess of Luxembourg (1432 Vienna -1462 Saxony-Anhalt), Ladislaus's oldest sister? On 2 June 1446, 14-year old Anne was married to William "the Brave" of Saxony (1425–82), Landgrave of Thuringia, a younger son of Frederick I "the Warlike" of Saxony. They had 2 daughters: Margaret of Thuringia (1449 – 13 July 1501) and Katharina of Thuringia (1453 – 10 July 1534)

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St. Elizabeth of Hungary, patroness of the poor. Nov 17 Monday, November 17 Memorial of St. Elizabeth of Hungary How could I bear a crown of gold when the Lord bears a crown of thorns? And bears it for me! St Elizabeth of Hungary

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