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ARCTIC CIRCLE (March 10, 2016) USS Hartford (SSN 768) surfaces in the Arctic Circle near Ice Camp Sargo during Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016. Servicemembers and c...

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Cutaway Drawing (diagramas em 3D de maquinas mostrando partes internas) [FOTOS]

This submarine doesn't need any explanation. If you read the comments there, it's just breathtaking. You can easily see why this is a an art of war. This literally changed the world of war and the acts of what nations would do.

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The Massive Soviet Sub That Inspired 'Hunt For Red October'

Submarine depth capability has improved tremendously through the years. Plunge into the world of submarines and discover how deep into the oceans they have gone


On June 9,Russian Typhoon class SSBN "Dmitri Donskoi" left iport for mission at sea.Moored in harbour,were 2 others of same class.Typhoon class SSBNs (Soviet code: 941 Akula) largest submarines of former Soviet Union,also largest in world.6 built in total,but after collapse of Soviet Union,3 dismantled.In future,Russian Navy will replace them with "Borei" class for its strategic nuclear deterrence forces.


French submarine Surcouf. Was aslo forcibly boarded during operation Catapult. (Dead Eagles) She was the largest submarine ever built until surpassed by the first Japanese I-400-class submarine in 1943. Her short wartime career was marked with controversy and conspiracy theories. She was classified as an "undersea cruiser" by sources of her time.