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How To Treat Stretch Marks: Vascular lasers can also offer outstanding results. Because vascular lasers are designed to work with dilated blood vessels, which are characteristic of striae rubra, they present a potent treatment option. These instruments are associated with epidermal turnover as well as increased collagen production and elastic remodeling. Most often, three to six sessions are required. I prefer the Dornier 940-nm laser for stretch marks, but some physicians use the 585-nm or…

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Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks

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Even men have stretch marks!! Our new laser is excellent for red and white stretch marks on the arms, legs, and #buttocks. #stretchmarks #stretchmarkremoval #striae #malestretchmarks #hideflipo #bodyplasticsurgery #gymflow #jounieh #anjar #cilicia #naked #buttocks #firmbutt #buttexercises #nudebod #bikinibody #weightlifting #powerlifting #weightgain #weightloss #santamonica #montanaavenue #siliconebeach #siliconebeachla #siliconbeach #venicebeach

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Laser Stretch Mark Removal (An Overview)

If you're troubled by unsightly stretch marks, then laser stretch mark removal may be the answer. Learn about this technique for removing stretch marks:


Visit our site for more information on Laser Stretch Mark Removal.Laser stretch mark removal is a fast and easy method to obtain rid of stretch mark scars for good. Laser therapy supplies a quicker and pain-free means to take out stretch marks completely. If you have large or deep marks or marks laser therapy might be the right method for you.

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