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Prince Harry is welcomed to Nepal by FIVE VIRGINS

The Colossus of Rhodes was built around 292-280 B.C. It was destroyed by earthquake in 225 making the Colossus of Rhodes the shortest lasting of all the 7 wonders. The statue was of the god Helios.

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10 of the World's Greatest Ruins

Petra, JordanRemember the Canyon of the Crescent Moon in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? It was…

This painting represents the moment after Christ took his last breath, yielding up his spirit. When someone takes their last breath there is a stillness and emptiness, much like a burnt dead forest. The split in the cross represents the earthquake and the veil being torn.The crown of thorns and blood representing the sacrifice that Jesus endured for us. FOR SALE

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Prince Harry Is Headed on Yet Another Trip — Find Out Where He's Off to Next!

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How Accurate Is That Terrifying Story About an Earthquake in Seattle?

The last earthquake of roughly magnitude 9 in the Pacific Northwest happened 75 years before the United States existed. One day, possibly in the not-too-distant future, the Earth’s crust will again convulse in a megaquake. What will happen then will dwarf any natural disaster our country has ever experienced. This...