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from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

In case you need a last minute side dish for a BBQ, this healthful chilled rice and bean salad is just the ticket.


According to multiple sources the best time to book your flight is about 7 weeks before takeoff. A lot of air travelers believe in waiting for a last-minute deal. According to new research, you should NEVER book your ticket within the final two weeks before the flight... a mistake that 36 percent of CheapAir users made when planning their trips.

from Career Contessa

Our holiday budgeting resource is here to save the day or at least your bank account. Remember last year (and the year before, and the year before that...) when you dashed around last-minute to find gifts, mail cards, prepare potluck dishes, pick up wine, and buy tickets home? We don’t mean to sound like your parents, but the holidays can be a total drag to your finances. Fill it out to determine exactly how much you should save between now and Thanksgiving and read on. |


I can think of so many fun and creative ideas using these! Ideal for spending the last few minutes of class reviewing questions from a lesson, book, math facts, and much more.