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25 Missing You Quotes

slept missing you..woke up still so hard to explain how much am missing you..but will my words matter?.i guess not anymore.sad truth /AjD/30Nov

don't we all-- i wish some nights lasted forever #quote #truth +++For more quotes like this, visit

25 Quotes That Remind You What It Was Like To Fall MADLY In Love

Listening to your heart really pays off. | "It all comes down to the last person you think of at night. That's where your heart is."


last night I was in a special kind of purgatory. wondering why I still miss him. and wondering what our first kiss will be like. I never knew we would become those words. I never knew it’d burn so fast, so soon. I never knew, he’d want me too. it’s strange and simple. I met him, and suddenly, I believed in everything. -j.r. rogue


Once I feel like I've escaped wonderland back down a new rabbit hole I fall


"Is this the end then? This is how our story ends?" |Last conversation| |Our story| |Heartbreak quotes| |Goodbye| |I still miss you| |Comeback| |Followback| |Breakup quotes| Mais