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Wikileaks Provides An Update On Their Internet Being Cut By Obama To Keep Americans In The Dark About Hillary – PATDOLLARD

from Fox News

Clinton's Debate Reference To Nuclear Response Rekindles Judgment Questions

Hah! Killary violates OPSEC by disclosing how long between ordering and launching nuclear missiles! Anything having to do with nuclear response is generally considered CLASSIFIED info.

from The Truth About Cancer

The Truth About the Zika Virus Health Scare (Part 1 of 2)

The Zika Virus (or Zika) is the latest big health scare and mainstream medicine and the lapdog mainstream media are playing up the scare for all it’s worth. But what if Zika is a hoax? Read part one of this two-part series for what you need to know about Zika! Click through to get the full story. Please re-pin to help us spread the truth & educate others! Article by Tony Isaacs. // The Truth About Cancer


One Day Biden Declares Cyber War, Next Day Assange Is Cut Off From Internet. Hmmm… The Obama administration is apparently psychopathic and ready for nuclear war to protect their darling candidate’s crimes from being exposed

from Mad World News

Obama's Shocking Response When Confronted On Dems' Plot To Steal Election

If you've watched the recent undercover videos that were released by Project Veritas, you're one of the outraged Americans who witnessed the Democrats' startling plan to steal this presidential election. However, even with Hillary Clinton's own officials bragging about their illegal plot, Barack Obama is still attempting to lie and pretend voter fraud doesn't exist, even after Democrats were caught with their pants down.

from Fortune

This Nobel Prize Winner Says Donald Trump Doesn't Understand Basic Economics

Nobel Prize winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz gives Trump and "F" on Ecomonimics