Hacksaw Machine by olderdan - Yet another hacksaw machine, this one is built from mostly second hand parts about two years ago.Capacity is 4 inch square, stroke is 3 inches and speed is 125 cutting strokes per min.I prefer the linear motion type instead of the rocking frame variety as it gives a better motion to the blade, so this design is dictated by the materials I had available and the need to make it using only a lathe and pillar drill.The traditional method is to use hexagon bar b

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(Posted from 5axismachiningchina.com) by Chris Devers 5 Different Parts Of The Lathe Machine Lathe gear is utilized in order to smooth wood surfaces and produce shapes. Lathe machinists and craftsmen use this type of machine for customizing and making wood merchandise. Lathes can carve designs into wood and make tables,chair... Read more on http://www.5axismachiningchina.com/5-distinct-parts-of-the-lathe-machine/

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$13.73 (Buy here: https://alitems.com/g/1e8d114494ebda23ff8b16525dc3e8/?i=5&ulp=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.aliexpress.com%2Fitem%2F4pcs-Machine-Lathes-HSS-Turning-Parting-Milling-Lathe-Tool-Bit-2mmx16mmx200mm%2F32537317138.html ) 4pcs Machine Lathes HSS Turning Parting Milling Lathe Tool Bit 2mmx16mmx200mm for just $13.73

1.Custom precision cheap cnc machining lathe parts 2.OEM ODM by customer design 3.Factory price http://sircomachinery.com/CNC-service-preventative-maintenance.html

OXA TOOL POST SET 6-9" SWING MINI QUICK CHANGE CNC LATHE HOLDER 0XA WEDGE. Our part # ALL-47026. Precision-engineered to assure repetitive accuracy. Quickly and easily installed on an engine, bench, or turret lathe for a wide range of operations. Stud size is M10 and is perfect for most mini lathes, although modification may be needed for some machines (a bushing or new center stud for a smaller hole may be necessary). Slash Your Setup Time- instant changing from one operation to another.

Aluminum Casting Alloys - Dynacast operates aluminum die casting facilities globally. We offer high quality aluminium alloy and aluminum die casting components at reasonable prices. Enquire Now!

38 PIECE 1/2" PREMIUM C6 CARBIDE TIPPED LATHE TOOL BIT SET BRAZED SINGLE POINT. Our part # ALL-19896. 1/2" Premium C-6 carbide tips designed for long tool life in steel, alloys, etc. 8 Pcs Style AR & AL- For general machining applications, turning, facing, boring and chamfering. 6 Pcs Style E- 30° Lead angle for threading, chamfering, V-grooving, turning, facing & boring. 4 Pcs Style BR & BL- For general machine applications where a 15° lead angle is desired.

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