I HAVE HAD LATIN FOR YEARS, WHY DID I JUST FIND OUT ABOUT THIS NOW?! >>> I saw a similar post about the Avada Kedavra curse being some kind of translation for "I will create dead bodies as I speak".

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Incantation in Latin, for consecration and blessing of the Magick circle. Enjoy ! Shadow

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I believe there is truth in this. Words can create, heal, harm and destroy.

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Latin Phrases You should add No ne tangere! (Don't touch me) And Amo servue (love slave)

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Sorry that i have to come with my super geekiness but actually, the o ending in Latin indicates that it is a first person singular so it's I set fire

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Greek and Latin Root Words Interactive Notebook. Over 120 INB activities that cover over 130 roots! Combine the instructional value of Greek and Latin roots with the active engagement of Interactive Notebooks. $

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The mastery of spells throughout the Harry Potter series provides entry-level knowledge of the Latin language.

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