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Latino People

from Matador Network

If Latino people said the stuff white people say on dates

If Latino People Said the Stuff White People Say On Dates | Matador Network | "n this hilarious video by media company We Are Mitú, they illustrate all the ignorant racial stereotypes towards Latinos by turning the tables." Click to watch and share video (0:59) to laugh along.


For those of you wondering why the older Latino people on your Facebook keep sharing music today

According to a Pew research poll, Latino people are the 2nd most discriminated against ethnic group after African-Americans. .

Hispanic vs Latino vs. Spanish--- AHHHHH YES!!!!!!!! BIGGEST PET PEEVE... "Spanish people" to refer to all Spanish-speakers! Going to make a huge poster of this and put it in my classroom!


Denny Mendez was the first Afro Queen to win the Miss Italy Pageant in 1996.

from The Huffington Post

9 Famous Faces On The Struggles And Beauty Of Being Afro-Latino

The reality of being Black AND Latino in the entertainment industry.

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Races of Mexico

Veracruz State, México. These are some Afro-Mexican women. They show the richness in the diversity of the origins of mexican people.


Latino / Latina Is a term used chiefly in the United States to refer to people of Latin American extraction or descent, though the term is used by the U.S. government in their census statics as a synonym for Hispanic. Hispanic may be narrower term which only refers to persons of Spanish-speaking origin or ancestry, while "Latino" is more sometimes used (outside of U.S.Government statistics) to refer more generally to anyone of Latin American origin/ancestry, including Brazilians.