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Latino Vote

Donald Trump did not win 34% of Latino vote in Texas. He won much less. #donald #trump #latino #texas

Where Did We Go Wrong?: The Latino Vote By The Numbers


It's all over the headlines — exit polls showed that 29 percent of Latinos voted for Donald Trump. By comparison, 2012 exit polls showed Mitt Romney got 27 percent of the Latino vote. Liberal data from a variety of outlets showed that Trump would get a record low share of votes from Latinos Polls

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In record numbers, Latinos voted overwhelmingly against Trump. We did the research.

The national exit surveys' deeply flawed methodology distorts the Latino vote.

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These Latino Voters Explain Why They Voted For Trump

Donald Trump won 29% of the Latino vote in Florida, which analysts were sure would go for Hillary Clinton.


Record Latino vote turnout not enough to give Hillary a win

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Comparing the two women running for President of the United States in 2016. Hillary Clinton and Dr. Jill Stein. #JillStein2016 #ImWithHer #greenparty


NPR’s Cokie Roberts: The only thing that can help the GOP win the Latino vote is birth control...Mike Pence soils his tidy whities!


US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President slams Trump: He's a clown (VIDEO)

Donald Trump might have made his biggest mistake yet with his gamble to play the Latino vote with smoke, mirrors, and doubletalk.