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Laura (Ingersoll) Secord, Canadian heroine of the War of 1812. She's famous for her twenty mile walk through enemy lines to warn the British command of a pending American attack.


The Laura Secord Homestead. Home of Canada's Most Famous Heroine. Travel back in time to 1812, to the lovingly restored Laura Secord Homestead and be enchanted by stories of her adventures and surroundings as interpreted by authentically costumed guides.


Sugar Tongs- 1811 These sugar tongs are fashioned from silver and monogramed with "JLS" for James and Laura Secord or "ILS" for Laura Ingersoll Secord. The tongs belonged to Laura Secord, the celebrated Canadian heroine of the War of 1812-1814. She is known for her walk from Queenston in June 1813, to warn the British troops, particularly Col. Fitzgibbon, at Beaverdams of an impending American attack. The tongs are believed to be by Nathaniel Starnes (1794-1851) of Montreal.