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How to grow Lavender

How to grow Lavender #lavender #gardening #dan330

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Lavender Plant Care: It Needs a Little Bit of Time and Expertise

A low maintenance and beautifully potted lavender plant on the patio to keep the mosquitoes away!

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Everything About Growing Lavender

The robust smell and diverse shades of purple, blue, soft pink and white flowers, learn how to grow lavender plants. Lavender is a must growing old world plant. Every garden should have at least a few bushes of this beautiful, fragrant herb.

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The Best Ways to Propagate Lavender Plants

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7 Simple Tips for Growing Lavender - Page 8 of 8

7. Harvesting Timing of the harvest depends on what you are using the lavender for. For fresh-market or or dried bundles harvest when the first 1 or 2 flowers have bloomed. If the end product is essential oil then the best time to harvest is when about 1/2 of the flowers on the stem have