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Laveyan Satanism

Can we just repeat number 5 again. Consent. Yup, for sure. Consent people, consent. We need more of this.

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Although, I'm not a part or a fan of LaVeyan Satanism or Church of Satan, I must say that I completely agree with all nine satanic statements.

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The Nine Satanic Sins (Note: when he mentions "magic" he's not actually speaking of spellcasting, etc. etc. It's a nickname for a type of psychological manipulation expounded upon in the book).

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drawing death art sad painting alone dark Magic drinking shots ...

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I watched a documentary on the church of satan. I didnt know what exactly that entailed... Curiosity led me to knowledge of a VERY taboo religion. Yet i was still debated on what that religion is. Knowledge is stronger than ignorance and assumptions!

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Except Loki, because WHO WOULDN'T? :-D It has been pointed out to me that this is a satanic cross--so I guess I will move it to my Atheism board :-) Thanks, dude!

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This has to be one of the best descriptions of a life philosophy to have for open minded individuals not just satanists,Peter H Gilmore on LaVeyan Satanism

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