Maybe i'll print this out for people who don't know what they want their layouts to be for site design...

Good visual arrangement is puts together design objects in ways that attracts attention. Learn how to achieve elegant and attractive content using whitespace and layouts here.

Modern Magazine Re-design Transworld Surf. Great example of complex grid system.

I really like the different shapes they have used to put the photos in to create a bit of order but it is disorderly through the way they are randomly placed.

Circle photographs and minimal background Blog | Irene Victoria | Toronto Freelance Graphic Designer

Bakin’ Cabin layout on Inspirationde. We love this simple, elegant layout. #Sexywebdesign #Webdesign

Editorial Design Inspiration Amazing way to place an image in a grid layout; lovely editing

Business Brochure Indesign Template


Bon Appetit | Chef Profile with numbered list. Good variation of small moving parts and larger elements.

Unique Web Design, MOD mod.thisisground.... by www.charlesriccar... #Web #Design #Product

Real Estate Stripes Brochure. Download here:

Kolenko Photography Promo Book Designed by Emma Robertson

Lovely structure, lovely space - just nice, clean and simple :: THE FOREIGN JAPANESE KITCHEN BY: MOÉ TAKEMURA

Simple Magazine - Magazine Print Template

Woodland wanderings -via COCO / MINGO

MoodBoard No.1 // Sunday Design Studio

I like the format, not all the photos. The wording, HOME. Green & yellow inviting. Gorgeous layout | kellyn walker

Great use of typography & layout for web. Personal Project by Joey Furr ( )

Likes of Us | I love the layout juxtaposed with the greenery, text, and white space. It's a good blend.

Shopkeeper - Featured on WebCreate.Me Ecommerce Collection

"The Strassenfeger is a Berlin-based Magazine sold by homeless people. I thought it would be fun to create an identity for them." - Rene Bieder #identity #editorial

Color / Layout / Photo Integration /// After Effects Project Files - Retro Graphics Movie Titles | VideoHive

16 posters for an exhibition about Johanne Kolstad, a woman who broke taboos about women in sports. Ski Jumper world record. Valdres Folk Museum in Norway.

The bottom pages. Loving the differwent sized photography and different ways it's hung over the centre. The white frames rather photos taken out to the edges looks more profession and different - anyone can run an image off a page!