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Snowflake Arizona Temple March 3rd 2002. Mormon pioneers first settled Snowflake, Arizona in 1878 at the request of LDS Church president Brigham Young. The town of Snowflake was named after William J. Flake and Erastus Snow, two of the church's early leaders who helped supervise colonization of the area.


"Don’t try to dazzle everyone with how brilliant you are–dazzle them with how brilliant the gospel is. Don’t worry about the location of the lost tribes or the three nephites; worry a little more about the location of your student–what’s going on in his heart, what’s going on in her soul–the hunger."


Oakland, California - Mormon Temple. Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

from Mormon Voice

New Mormon Temple Dedicated in Kansas City

Kansas City Missouri Temple May 6th 2012. It is the first to be built in the Greater Kansas City area. Previous attempts at building an LDS temple in the area failed in Independence in 1833 and Far West in 1838, after church founder Joseph Smith had selected and dedicated locations for their construction. A temple was completed in Independence in 1994 by the Community of Christ, which is not affiliated with the LDS Church.


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