League of nations

Representing the four main causes of WWI Brings in the deep loyalty to ones nation, formal agreement of support among countries, building power by controlling over colonies, and militarism helps the preparation for the war.

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The League - short account of Woodrow Wilson's involvement in the League from a website set up to support an American TV documentary on Wilson.

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1920 – First assembly of the League of Nations is held in Geneva, Switzerland. | The League of Nations:

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This is a political cartoon about the League of Nations. This cartoon shows Uncle Sam holding together the European countries. The League of Nations was an organization of nations who wanted to work together to settle disputes, prevent war, and protect democracy. Uncle Sam is trying to pull these countries together just like the League of Nations.

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The Successes and Failures of the League of Nations: A 1932 meeting of the League of Nations chaired by Arthur Henderson in Geneva. The League was formed after the end of World War I to solve international disputes.

The League of Nations was created in 1919, a year after World War I ended. It was made in order to prevent another world war from happening and to spread peace throughout different nations.

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