Via Geekfill - "How to read Korean brief tutorial"
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"Korean alphabet. For over a millennium, Korean was written with adapted Chinese characters called hanja, complemented by phonetic systems like hyangchal, gugyeol, and idu. In the 15th century, a national writing system called hangul was commissioned by Sejong the Great, but it only came into widespread use in the 20th century, because of the yangban aristocracy's preference for hanja."

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Korean Alphabet "Hangul" For more information:

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And you can too! I've made a free downloadable PDF of the basic Hangeul to get you started. ;) #korean

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Do you want to Fancy Lock page for learning Korean? Here is Korean alphabet Consonant pic! Feel Free to use it! ‪#‎Korean‬ ‪#‎Eggbun‬

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This is a great Romanized Korean alphabet chart.

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