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Amazing!! 13 French stories with subtitles. Once on this video click on the button that says how many videos in the collection to see them all. Also lots of videos in other languages.

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Chinese vocabulary of belongings for man,男士用品词汇 nán shì yònɡ pǐn cí huì

In this video, learn how to ask what job people do and answer these questions as well in Mandarin Chinese

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Learn Mandarin Chinese online with our Audio Flashcard System, multiple choice test, annotated texts and games. Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

From Coding to Basic Mandarin — 20 Excellent Free Online Courses

Want to learn a new skill? Here are the 20 best free online courses — from learning Mandarin to coding.

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Speak fluent Mandarin duck today! :) Share this with your friends so that you can quack ((呱呱, guā guā) like a native and bark (汪汪, wàng wàng) like a local! Hear audio examples of each animal here too!

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