LED Hooping with Leany

Leany spins up her LED hoop in this stunning photo by Alissa Rose Imagery.

LED Hoop Mania at Flow Camp | Hooping.org

I will have enough money to invest in a beautiful LED performance hoop

Spinning Multiple LED Hoops with Lisa Lottie

Spinning Multiple LED Hoops with Lisa Lottie

I was actually thinking of using hoola hoops with lights on them in my photos!

How to Make a Rainbow LED Hula Hoop | hooping.org

Learn how to make your own Rainbow LED Hoop! This hoop is lighter & easier to make--you don't have to solder anything & there are no switches to install.

Trying to choose an LED hoop is often a struggle and sometimes a headache; Lara Eastburn is here with a guiding light (hee-hee!) to choosing the LED hoop that is best for you.

Glow Hoops - so many choices - An article to help guide the choise

"Led hula hoop" And looks like a really slow capture speed. <3

Grab a photographer friends and play with the long exposure setting with an LED Hula Hoop or LED Pois.

Really good comparison of tubing sizes for PE (irrigation tubing), HDPE (white tubing) and Polypro.

Hoop Sizing Guide - MoodHoops LED Hoops

Led foot hooping on the beach. such a pretty picture!

Led foot hooping on the beach. I will have my own version of this photo by summer's end

My photo is featured on hooping.org! It is an honor.  #hooping #stlhoopclub, #hooping.org

Michelle Schaeffer and her LED hoops light up the night in this great shot from Steve Truesdell Photography.

How to Make a Polypro LED Hula Hoop

Matt "OolaHula" Tollow is back with a second tutorial on how to make your very own LED hula hoop, this time using polypro!