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no matter what I do...I'm never going to be good enough, I'm always going to be the one that messes up and I'm going to be the one left alone in the end

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goodbye lonely tired alone hate broken sick self harm empty not good enough left alone i hate myself for you hate myself not good Little Things im sorry Hate My Life Wish I Was Dead not pretty self harming not beautiful Come Back Be Here Hate my body enought goodbye my friends hate in the world sick of lies love is unfair i wont back

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I get upset easily, I get anxiety easily, I get depressed easily, I get too attached easily, I push myself away too fast, I worry to much, I cry alone too often, I hate myself more every day.

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I honestly don't think I will be talking to anyone that much on here. Maybe once in a while, but I want to be alone. Everyone I ever got close to has either left or hates me now. So, yeah. I don't even know why I'm staying in the first place.

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And I'm used to leaving and being left. People judging from a distance, but never saying hi. Someone saying they'll keep in touch, but they don't. I'm used to being alone and hindering tears, wishing someone would care...

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I have to keep my mind busy because being left alone with my thoughts is quite dangerous for me

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... I try to go through problems alone. I don't ask for help a lot so when I do please just be there...

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