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Hoyt Charger RTH, Compound Bow, Left Hand, Black Out, Hunting Archery Pakage

If you are a Archer, check out this Archer collection, you may like it :) #archery #archerylovers


12 Little-Known Facts About Left-Handers


Archery Take Down Recurve Tag right and left handed bow for CS

Archery Bow,Vintage Damon Howatt "Balboa", Left handed 45#

Archery BowVintage Damon Howatt Balboa Left handed by PodunkHollow


Ensemble Tromba Marina This is the 17th century version with a large long body that opens up at the base like a trumpet bell. One of the most unusual instruments of early Music, the Tromba Marina is a bowed monochord with a special bridge that has a vibrating foot which adds a special buzzing element to the tone. The bow is placed above the left hand.


Hopi Kachina -- Left-Handed Hunter Kachina. The Left-Handed Kachina, Siyangephoyadx, is one of the Hunter Kachinas, and is always shown with a bow and arrow, and sometimes with a throwing stick. He is called Left-Handed, because his gear is reversed, and to draw an arrow from the quiver, he must use his right hand, rather than his left as is normal. (artist - Lowell Talshoma)