Lefty Calligraphy: You have the advantage

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Daily Struggles Of Being Left Handed

Daily Struggles Of Being Left Handed

Struggles of being a lefty part I←My brother dislikes eating next to me (to my left, of course), anyway, all of this are true

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learn to write with my left hand The step by step instructions on this poster, along with the image will assist your students to correctly hold their pencil. Poor pencil grip can result in sloppy writing and in the long term may reduce speed and efficenc

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everyday is full of tricky maneuvering....it gets tiring and is stressful (tho' we are usually not aware of it because we've had to deal with it ALL our lives). i'm slowly buying left handed items. scissors, can opener, spatulas, wooden spoons, (spatulas and spoons that are slanted; if not slanted for a lefty, well damn, no wonder i could never flip an egg without breaking it).

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Because we're awesome that way. Could also be a righty who grew up surrounded by lefties whose awesomeness just rubbed off.

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5 Tips for Difficulties with Scissor Skills for Kids

5 tips for difficulties with scissor skills for kids, including tips for left handed kids.

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Hand Dominance Understanding Motor Development

Understanding Motor Development in Children: Hand Dominance. How do children become left-handed or right-handed? Learn from an expert in the field of occupational therapy!

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