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Only For Left Handed People - #BenefitsOfBeingLeftHanded, #LeftHanded, #LeftHandedPeople

from The Berry

Worst things for left-handed people (14 photos)

I hate it when I walk into a classroom full of these desks. I hate it even more when I find a right-handed person sitting in the only left-handed desk.

from Playbuzz

21 Truths Every Left-Handed Person Knows Too Well

A recent study shows that left handed people are more likely to have an IQ over 131! Left-handers are also better at using both hands at once, and that may partly explain why it’s more common for them to be proficient musicians or professional athletes. Left-handers may also be more creative problem solvers as because of a tendency towards more connectivity between brain hemispheres.

Daily Struggles Of Being Left Handed

Daily Struggles Of Being Left Handed

Struggles of being a lefty part I←My brother dislikes eating next to me (to my left, of course), anyway, all of this are true