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Lego Super Heroes Clark Kent / Superman Minifigure

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LEGO Super Heroes Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Showdown Play Set

LEGO Super Heroes Daily Bugle Showdown Dr. DoomTM and his henchman BeetleTM are attacking the Daily Bugle in their speedy jet to steal Spider-Man'sTM secret identity. It's up to Spider-ManTM and NovaTM to swing in and stop them! Trigger th..., Sets

Posters for 'The LEGO Batman Movie'

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LEGO Super Heroes Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout Play Set

LEGO Super Heroes Arkham Asylum Breakout From the manufacturer It issued a warning. With the help of Dr. Harin-Ku~inzeru, Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow has escaped from Arkham Asylum. The criminals are going to bring about havoc in t..., Sets