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HMS BYMS 20002(J802), a British Yard Minesweeper built by American Car and Foundry Co. atWilmington, Delaware, U.S.A. as part of Lend-Lease & commissioned on 22/06/42. Returned to USN on 01/09/47

New British Grant - The U.S. built Grant tank had its main 75mm gun mounted in a side turret. This gun was a significant improvement for British firepower at the time but had limited traverse. #worldwar2 #tanks


Two of these were also in my 2nd book, sent through the Bermuda Triangle portal to support the marooned humans in their war against the Ch'kutars. The M3 Stuart, armed with 1 37mm turret gun and 3 .30 cal. machine gun, was an American light tank of World War II. It was supplied to British and Commonwealth forces under lend-lease prior to the entry of the U.S. into the war. The name Stuart given by the British comes from the Civil War Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart.


ANZ Centre in Melbourne's Docklands, designed by HASSELL and Lend Lease design, applies contemporary thinking in workplace design and leadership in sustainability to reflect the client's focus on


new_zealand_tanks_in_trieste_italy_towards_the_end_of_ww2_da08387f.jpg (472×700)


Caen, France nearly completely destroyed, 1944.


German Soldiers inspect a knocked-out (note the missing side visor and the burned track) Russian Lend-Lease M3 Lee Tank, late 1942.


The Carrier, Universal, T16, Mark I. was a significantly improved vehicle based upon those built by Ford of Canada, manufactured under Lend Lease by Ford in the United States from March 1943 to 1945.


English girl members of the Auxiliary Territorial Service move armfuls of American rifles just arrived from US under lend lease. WWII