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The huge price one comedian paid so that George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and others could make it big.

On October comedian Lenny Bruce was arrested at the Jazz Workshop in San Francisco on obscenity charges for saying what amounted to "two four-letter


(H) Top Row: Tupac Shakur, Bob Dylan, Lucille Ball, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Malcolm X Middle Row: Janis Joplin, Lenny Bruce, Caesar Chavez, Josephine Baker, William Faulkner, Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso Bottom Row: Jack London, Jane Fonda, Abbie Hoffman, Brian Wilson, Rev. Martin Luther King, Andy Warhol, Lilian Hellman


Lenny Bruce - Saw a play "Lenny" with Ted Schwartz playing the role. 11th Street Theatre- Chicago


Lenny Bruce (1925 - 1966) 1950s,60s comedian, died when he was just 41. He was censored, revered, idolized, in trouble with the law for words he used. He was the MAN before Carlin, or Pryor and the ultimate Blue Comedian. #lennybruce was dark, dirty, real, political, everything joke tellers of the day dared not be. Drug addicted, he ended up dying early, harassed the way Billie Holiday was harassed. Nevertheless, Lenny Bruce was the Saint of Cool to people in the 1970s (when he was gone)

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Comedian Lenny Bruce Memorabilia at Auction

Lenny Bruce (1925-1966). Comedian. Died August 3rd, 1966, from acute morphine poisoning caused by accidental heroin overdose.