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Leo Constellation ________________ My next & prob last tattoo. Not sure where but def a must & minus the connecting lines

from Etsy

Leo Zodiac Constellation Wall Art Printable 8x10 - Instant Download Birthday Horoscope Astrology Stars Watercolor Poster Home Decor Room


Leo Tattoo ♌- The astrological symbol of Leo, the constellation of the lion. In Greek mythology, it represents the Nemean lion Hercules was forced to kill as the first of his 12 labors. The lion was fiercer, stronger, and larger than all the other lions, and killed anything that came near it. It was immune to metal, wood, and stone. Meaning Hercules had to kill it with his own bare hands. △- The symbol for the element of fire. Other fire signs include Aries and Sagittarius. ☼- The sun, Leo’