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talk like a leprechaun

Fun printable list of Irish Slang with creative writing prompts included for St. Patrick's Day! FREE from More Than a Worksheet


All magical quest begin in mist or smoke and only by honing the soul does the meaning become clear. Jaecheol Park.


The word “leprechaun” is derived from the Irish lu chorpain, meaning “small body.” Various attributes have been used to describe leprechauns. While the origins and the history surrounding leprechauns differ, one common thread is that these creatures are surrounded in magic. Some believed leprechauns were descendents of the Goddess Danu and the Tuatha De Danaan. They inhabited Ireland long before the Celts arrived, and when the Celts did come, brandishing iron swords that could penetrate the…


A set of mythical and fantasy creature heads, half completed and half traced. These are PNG files meaning that they will be transparent and 300 ppi. The images are also simply black, so you can place them on any background. Check out the product images for a look at the drawings included in this packet. :) In this set:-dragon-elf-fairy-ghoul-goblin-kraken-leprechaun -mermaid-phoenix-sea monster-troll-unicorn-vampire-werewolf-zombie Terms of Use and Credit are also in file.

Everyone stop what you're doing and look at this dork. This 24 year old -almost 25, mind you- child. He's taught me what it takes to be a genuine human being. Someone so selfless and passionate about other people and doing what it takes to make others happy and even sacrificing his own happiness for the joy of others. So take a good look. He might not mean that much to you, but for me, he's everything.


The burden of proof lies on the one making the claim. I could list numerous things you don't believe in - you won't be able to disprove them, so does that mean they exist? Your god is no different. If you think he is - prove it!