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really? i think its more like enjolras is butt-touching marius, and marius is like flipping out. "omg, enjolras! im not gay!" and the jehan and joly are like "seriously?" and then we ALL know that grantaire is lurking around somewhere, ready to kill marius of jealousy.

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Even though I'm no longer in the Les Mis fandom...this. is. funny. Heh, heh, heeeeh!!! XD

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This Tumblr Version Of “Les Misérables” Is Hilariously Accurate

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Looking not so miserable, the cast of ‘Les Miserables’ posed for Vogue (8 photos)

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Community Post: 23 Times The Musical Theater Side Of Tumblr Was Not OK

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Les Miserables <3 "Do you hear the people sing?Singing the songs of angry men....."

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awwwww <3 that moment when jean valjean realizes marius is a very good boy and wants him alive for cosette :)

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