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Leslie Speaker

Leslie Speaker-- is a combined amplifier and two-way loudspeaker that projects the signal from an electric or electronic instrument, while modifying the sound by rotating the loudspeakers. It is most commonly associated with the Hammond organ, though it was later used for the guitar and other instruments. A typical Leslie speaker contains an amplifier, and a treble and bass speaker—though specific components depend upon the model. A musician controls the Leslie speaker by either an

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1959 Cherrywood B3 Hammond Organ leslie speaker NICE

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Stax Museum of American Soul Music


Very nice, Hammond-Leslie 145 tube speaker, for sale. I think after looking at both speaker motor's date codes, this Leslie was made in, or around, 1974. Great condition, and pretty clean. The speaker has been tested, and works great. Finish is very good, except for a spot in the lacquer, on the ...