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Trial lesson ideas for primary school job interviews

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Come Follow Me Lesson Idea: Choose Your Own Adventure

Why do the choices I make matter come follow me lesson ideas, handout, and activity! Free printable choose your own adventure books to help teach and talk about choices with young women and teen girls

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Great website with lots of lesson ideas for teaching each of the habits. I'm using is this week to introduce them!

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10 Quick Lesson Ideas for Substitute Teachers

10 Quick Lesson Ideas for Substitute Teachers - Lke the idea of pictionary - would have the class come up with/write their own slips of paper with something they have learned during the year.

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HOW TO TEACH PARAGRAPH WRITING- This blog post includes ideas from 3 mini lessons: Topic sentences, relevant details and clinchers.

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A Bug's Life... Great and fun simple drawing project! Sub lesson idea. (Great for a sub: read book A Worm's Diary)

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A lesson about Bullying from BrainPOP Jr. Includes a video for younger kids explaining what is bullying, how do you deal with bullies, and how do you avoid becoming a bully yourself!

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Essential Reading Intervention For A Student With Dyslexia

Here you’ll find a new approach for the teaching of reading and spelling. It provides highly appropriate intervention for students with a learning difficulty.

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scavenger hunt of library sections and other first day of school (first day in the library) lesson ideas

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Do you feel like you are ALWAYS staying late after school to work on lesson planning and prep work? Learn how to organize your week and streamline your lesson planning routine so that you can go home at a normal time! This blog post is packed with practical tips and management tricks for teachers. A must read!

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Excellent Activities and Lesson Ideas on Using Explain Everything in Class ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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